Smart Home Solutions for Outdoors Season

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The warmer days of spring are in full swing, and many homeowners are motivated to refresh their outdoor spaces and update their security systems. This is the perfect time to dust off patio furniture, light up the grill and consider upgrading your outdoor lighting and security setups. With summer around the corner, many homeowners would rather enjoy the sunshine than mow the lawn. Let’s explore some technologies that can help save time and keep your home secure.

Smart Irrigation

For decades, automatic sprinklers have been a staple in lawn maintenance, but technological advancements have enhanced these systems significantly. Products like the smart irrigation controller from Rachio, which connects to local weather forecasts, and Moen’s latest system equipped with moisture sensors, are designed to optimize watering schedules and reduce water waste, thereby saving money.

Robot Lawn Mowers

The evolution of lawn maintenance technology brings us to the robot lawn mower, a device I’ve eagerly awaited for years. Despite having a modest-sized yard of about a third of an acre, mowing is the last thing I want to tackle after a day filled with house showings and deal negotiations. The trouble with most robotic mowers is installing a boundary wire like an invisible dog fence. Many existing models act like old robot vacuums making weird or random grass patterns. They were also quite costly.

The new Worx Landroid Vision seeks to right the previous interations’ deficiencies by employing GPS and an onboard camera to navigate and maintain the yard meticulously. Impressively, it operates both day and night—equipped with a light—and features sensors to avoid obstacles such as pets and toys. It also includes a theft-deterrent alarm and requires a PIN for operation, making it a potential asset for maintaining vacant properties as well.

Smart Grills

With lawn care efficiently automated, more time can be devoted to enjoyable activities such as grilling. “Our latest smart grills, such as the new Weber Searwood pellet grills and the Summit smart grill line, were engineered to give our owners more confidence when grilling. Our smart technology, Weber Connect, is there to help them create perfectly cooked, delicious meals,” explained Mike Jacobs, Chief Operating Officer for Weber. This technology suite includes features that allow for overall temperature control, monitor food temperatures, provide cooking instructions and send grill status notifications directly to a mobile device through the Weber Connect App 2.0.

Outdoor Security Cameras

To further enhance your home’s security, it’s crucial to select the right technology that provides both vigilance and convenience. Home security cameras like the Reolink Argus Track and Duo 3 PoE offer advanced features that enhance your property’s safety. The Argus Track, known for its dual-lens system and 4K resolution, provides auto-zoom tracking and is both battery and solar-powered, offering flexible installation options and eco-friendly operation.

Meanwhile, the Duo 3 PoE system boasts a robust 16MP dual-lens setup that covers a wide 180-degree field of view, ensuring no corner is left unmonitored. Equipped with night vision, motion detection and smart home integration, both cameras are formidable tools against intrusion and are excellent choices for those seeking to bolster their home security with minimal hassle.

Smart Lock Boxes for Packages

Addressing the increasing issue of package theft, Loxx Boxx offers an innovative solution: a Wi-Fi and LTE service-enabled lock box that sits outside the home and can be used for your deliveries. “While solutions such as doorbell cameras and sensors have become increasingly popular, they simply capture footage of porch piracy and do not prevent the actual theft. Frequently, customers end up watching their packages being carried away instead,” shared Kathy Sides, co-founder of Loxx Boxx. This product aims to significantly reduce package theft by providing a secure and durable solution.

As we look forward, Mark Benson, Head of SmartThings, predicts a future where smart home technology will bring about even more innovative solutions for outdoor living. “As smart home technology evolves, we can expect even more innovative solutions for outdoor living. From automated irrigation systems to intelligent lighting and climate control, the future of outdoor living is set to become increasingly seamless, efficient and tailored to the needs of modern homeowners.”

This exploration into modern technological solutions for home and garden underscores a trend toward integrating convenience and security into everyday living, making homeownership a more enjoyable and manageable endeavor.


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