Google’s Nest Secure Has Fully Shut Down: We’ve Got Answers if You’re Worried


April 2024 marks the official end of the Nest Secure home security system. Google has officially dropped support for Nest Secure and — after more than a year of warnings — moved focus to other Nest devices.

If you use Nest devices in your home, this news may make you nervous. Are you going to lose support for your security tech like Nest Doorbells, Nest Aware or other Nest names? Probably not, especially if you haven’t been receiving any warnings from Google. But those with Nest Secure systems should be looking for alternatives. Our FAQ will break down exactly what has happened and if you’re affected.

What was Nest Secure?

Nest Secure was a full security system that Google offered via its acquired Nest brand. Like DIY systems from SimpliSafe or Abode, it included a hub, Detect motion sensors and key fobs to help automatically disarm the system. It also had a professional home monitoring option for those willing to pay a subscription.

What does losing support mean for Nest Secure?

Google discontinued the Nest Secure system well over a year ago when it was finalizing a partnership with security company ADT. Discontinued means it simply stopped selling it. Ending support for the system, which happened on April 8, means the software won’t receive any updates and all Google-based functionality has stopped.

In practice, that means Nest Secure systems are now unusable. They no longer work with the Nest app, their devices can’t connect to the internet and any previous alerts users set up won’t be sent.

Can I keep using Nest Secure?

You can’t. Think of the security kit as a series of paperweights that cost around $400.

nest-secure-product-photos-7 nest-secure-product-photos-7

Nest Secure’s key fobs looked nice but are now decorative at best.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Will my other Nest security devices still work?

Standalone Nest devices should still have full support and functionality. That includes Nest Hubs, Nest Doorbells, Nest wireless cams and similar devices that you can find on our lists. There are a few exceptions, which we’ll address below, but generally if you bought an individual Nest device (as opposed to the full security system), you should be fine.

Does this change affect Nest Aware?

No. Nest Aware is a subscription service that offers extended video storage, familiar face recognition and similar add-ons. Nest Aware works with a number of Nest devices beyond Nest Secure and isn’t affected by this change.

Can I keep using my Nest Guard or Nest Connect hub?

Nest Guard is the hub device in the Nest Secure system and no longer functions. Nest Connect is a separate hub device (confusing, we know) that works specifically with the Nest x Yale smart lock. The Nest Connect continues to function at this time and can still support your Nest x Yale lock, allowing it to connect to the internet.

Does the loss of support affect individual Dropcams?

Yes. Support for Google’s Dropcams, including the Dropcam and Dropcam Pro, has also ended. These devices no longer work as of April 2024.

Google's Nest Doorbell, being installed beside a door by an older man. Google's Nest Doorbell, being installed beside a door by an older man.

Google’s Nest Doorbells are effective, easy to install and don’t nickel-and-dime you like some doorbells do.


Is Google offering returns or rebates for Nest Secure?

In most cases, yes — but it’s a limited deal. Google is offering to pay for a DIY starter kit from ADT, which is roughly the same value as Nest Secure. The ADT starter kit includes a hob, two contact sensors and a Nest Doorbell. If you had a Nest Secure system and haven’t received this offer, contact Nest support.

If you have a Dropcam or were a Nest Aware subscriber, Google should have sent you an offer to replace it with a newer Nest camera (they are also offering a 50% discount for certain nonsubscribers). Contact Google’s Nest support if you haven’t received this offer.

What if I don’t want to use ADT?

We don’t necessarily blame you — ADT hasn’t fared well in some of our past reviews. Google is also offering an alternative $200 to spend at the Nest store, which is less value but a lot more choice. If you are interested in staying with a traditional home security system, we suggest stopping by our guide to the best DIY home security systems for some excellent options, as well as our list of the best systems for renters.

How should I get rid of Nest Secure devices?

Don’t just throw it away. Electronics like these can be dangerous for landfills and offer recycling possibilities. Google can help with its recycling program, sending you a box to place your Nest Secure devices in and ship them away for proper handling.

What if I’m still paying for professional monitoring for Nest Secure?

Check your subscriptions. You should no longer be paying for monitoring services for Nest Secure. However, if you were paying for Nest Aware, your subscription may have continued even if you don’t have any compatible Nest devices. Watch your monthly payments to spot any issues and pay for Nest Aware only if you have supported devices that need the extra features.

If all this Nest news has you tired of subscriptions and other plans, you should take a look at our picks for security cameras without subscriptions. You may also want to review our tips on home security when you’re living with a lot of roommates and how to save money and turn your old phone into a security camera. 


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