Whimsical Bird Decor Is Soaring Into Homes This Spring


Birds have been featured in home decor for centuries, and according to designers, this feathery trend is set to fly back into homes this spring. Historically featured in chinoiserie murals, birds often signify wealth and status when used in decor. While the style can have a reputation for being a bit kitschy and twee these days, pros agree that when done properly, it can add a sense of whimsy and even elegance into a space. 

“The bird decor of 2024 is more about regal and realistic bird renderings that really showcase how birds represent natural beauty, a sense of freedom and lightness, and a sense of hope and joy,” says Kathy Kuo, interior design expert and founder and CEO of Kathy Kuo Home. 

As interior trends continue to move away from the stark, minimalist look of the early 2010s, designers and stylists agree it’s not surprising that bird decor is coming back. You can rely on it to add a sense of playfulness to your space, and it always makes a fun conversation starter. 

If you’re looking to let this trend flutter into your home this year, designers suggest sticking to pieces and accents that you can easily change up depending on the season (side note: Spring is the perfect time for bird decor). Try it in subtle and understated ways, using the decor as an accent rather than the focal point.

Design: Melinda James / Photo: Angela Newton Roy Photography

“Whenever a client of mine wants to incorporate a trend, I try and do so with easily replaceable items or keeping it low cost, so you don’t feel bad when you want to swap it out for whatever the next trend is,” says Cathleen Gruver of design firm Gruver Cooley.

She suggests trying out the look with a couple of throw pillows featuring soft bird outlines or an oversized bird print if you’re looking for more of a statement piece.

Wallpaper (peel-and-stick makes for a low-commitment, affordable option), artwork, fabrics (like throw pillow covers and curtains), and pretty accent pieces like a brass curtain tie-back all allow you try out bird decor, says Susan Klimala, owner and principal designer of TKS Design Group. For a bathroom, go with a fun, printed shower curtain or bath rug.

Design: Melinda James / Photo: Angela Newton Roy Photography

For Kristen Scharer, owner and principal designer of Kristen Scharer Interiors, bird decor stands out because of the elegant way it can blend in. One of her personal favorite pieces of accent furniture is Anthropologie’s brass peacock table: While it may not necessarily seem subtle at first glance, she argues her guests often walk right by and only notice it (and love it) only when they’re really paying attention. 

“Bird decor is funny in the sense that they’re very similar to birds in nature,” she says. “You usually have to be paying attention to see them, and that’s when bird home decor is done well.”


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