We Found Stylish Home Decor That Doubles as Storage Starting at $14


Extra storage can be functional and fashionable — and we can prove it. 

We scoured Amazon’s best-selling storage and organization products to find the ones that saved space and looked good doing it. We turned up woven storage baskets to stash extra bedding, clever outlet shelves, and shoe storage that shows off your kicks while keeping them neat and clean. 

Some of our top picks are even discounted, so hurry and snag some of our favorite aesthetically pleasing, space-saving solutions while they’re on sale. 

Best Decorative Storage at Amazon

  • Mkono Woven Storage Basket, $23.99 
  • Decomomo Fabric Storage Baskets, 3-Pack, $25.99 (orig. $31.99) 
  • Pinkpum Stackable Shoe Organizer, 12-Pack, $26.99 (orig. $36.99) 
  • Amazon Basics Velvet Non-Slip Clothes Hangers, 30-Pack, $14.99 (orig. $19.90) 
  • Huggiegems Magnetic Spice Rack, 4-Pack, $18.39 (orig. $24.99) 
  • Vasagle Entryway Coat Rack, $48.99 (orig. $63.99) 
  • Wali Outlet Shelf, $13.99 
  • Kalimdor Pants Hangers, 2-Pack, $16.99 (orig. $24.99) 
  • Budding Joy Under Bed Storage Container, 4-Pack, $21.99 with coupon (orig. $25.99) 

Mkono Woven Storage Basket


This woven basket looks like a stylish piece of boho decor, and it’s incredibly functional. Inside the jute basket is a fabric-lined interior that can hold extra bedding, kids’ toys, and anything else you want out of sight. One reviewer called the basket “functional and visually appealing” and said it “adds a touch of rustic charm.” Another reviewer said, “This basket has quickly become one of my favorite home accessories due to its functionality and aesthetic appeal.”

Shoppers also note that the basket is sturdy and easy to clean by wiping it with a damp cloth. It comes in five colors, and each is adorned with a chic tassel of wooden beads. 

Wali Outlet Shelf


The Wali Outlet Shelf is a tiny yet genius organizational tool. The small plastic ledge sits above a standard outlet, turning it into a functional spot to hold anything you plug in. Set your Google Home or Alexa on top of the shelf to save counter space, or use it to keep your cell phone while it charges. 

According to reviews, the shelf is easy to install — just unscrew the existing wall plate, pop the Wali over the outlet, and put the outlet plate back on. One reviewer said it’s “great for clearing up space,” and another called it “easy to install,” “sturdy,” and “great quality.” The shelf comes with a mounting hardware kit and user manual to make installing it even simpler. 

Pinkpum Stackable Shoe Organizer, 12-Pack, $27 (Save 27%)


Show off your favorite shoes with these clear, stackable bins. The Pinkpum stackable shoe organizers let you display your shoe collection while keeping them clean, tidy, and organized. Made from hard, clear plastic, the ventilated boxes are waterproof and easy to clean. 

One reviewer wrote that the boxes “exceeded my expectations,” describing them as “well-built” and “sturdy.” The best thing about these bins is that you can stack them to fit your space:  if you have a narrow yet tall closet, you can stack them vertically, or if you have space under your bed, you can lie them side-by-side horizontally. Right now, you can snag the boxes for $10 less than their usual price. 

Keep scrolling to discover more aesthetically pleasing, space-saving products at Amazon. 

Decomomo Fabric Storage Baskets, 3-Pack, $26 (Save 19%)


Amazon Basics Velvet Non-Slip Clothes Hangers, 30-Pack, $15 (Save 25%)


Huggiegems Magnetic Spice Rack, 4-Pack, $18 (Save 26%) 


Vasagle Entryway Coat Rack, $49 (Save 23%)


Kalimdor Pants Hangers, 2-Pack, $17 (Save 32%)


Budding Joy Under Bed Storage Container, 4-Pack, $22 with coupon



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