Tom’s Guide asks: What do you want in a smart home?


The smart home exists to make our lives easier. You can automate chores like cleaning your floors with a robot vacuum, save energy by having smart lights turn on or off automatically when you enter a room, or use a smart thermostat to create a more comfortable atmosphere. In a perfect world, we can manage this all from a single place and easily share controls with family members.

While setup and performance have improved leaps and bounds over the years, smart homes still have their hiccups. These can derail your day just as easily as they streamline it should a device go unresponsive when you need it for a task. And with different wireless protocols, you still need hubs. Still, there are so many new devices and expanding categories like accessible smart blinds and generative AI integrations. So, we polled the Tom’s Guide staff to ask them where they think smart home technology is headed, and what they want out of the smart home in the future. Read on to find out what they said.

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Hunter Fenollol

Hunter Fenollol


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