These are the 3 best home security cameras you can use without a subscription


Many of the best security camera manufacturers like Arlo and Ring require you to sign up for a subscription to use all the features of their cameras. Their logic is simple — rather than spending money on their products just once, they have a recurring revenue stream from their customers. That traps you into sticking with a single brand’s hardware over time and leaves you at their mercy when they decide to raise subscription prices.

That’s why I’ve started branching out into new products from Eufy, Tapo, and Wyze. These companies support local storage, so functionality as basic as recording and viewing events on demand isn’t locked behind a monthly fee. Better yet, the latest models offer advanced AI detection, color night vision, and motion sensing automation features reserved to premium cameras at a fraction of their price. Some picks like the Tapo and Wyze models feature weatherproof construction to withstand water and dust to double as an outdoor security camera.


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