The Top Summer Decor Trends of 2024, According to Design Experts


From colorful dinner parties to moody relaxation rooms, this year’s summer decor trends appeal to every taste and design style. Whether you want to transform your patio space into a soothing oasis or make a bold statement on your interior walls, these color, furniture, and decor trends are sure to inspire your summer home refresh.

To get the low-down on what’s hot this season, we turned to the experts from Houzz and Pinterest for their summer trend predictions. Interior designers also weigh in with their hands-on industry insight and tips for embracing this summer’s top home decor trends.

Buff Strickland

Maximize Color Outdoors

Get summer ready with stylish stand-out furniture that will turn your garden into a masterpiece for design and entertaining. “Color is having a huge moment in outdoor furniture,” says Sarah Tract, founder and interior designer at Sarah Tract Interiors. “People are straying from classic outdoor furniture and opting for more color.” Think bright sofa cushions, patterned dining chairs, funky coffee tables, and printed outdoor rugs.

“I love this trend because it reflects the shift into embracing more color overall in the home,” she says. People want to bring the indoors out, creating joyous and comfortable spaces to enjoy the fresh summer air. If you already have outdoor furniture, Sarah suggests spicing it up with outdoor pillows, throws, table lamps, or colorful accessories.

Embrace Calm with Wellness Features

Invoke a sense of inner calm by bringing the luxury of a hotel spa to you. People are embracing the cultural shift that prioritizes mental and physical well-being, driving an increase in indoor and outdoor wellness-focused features at home. According to reports by Pinterest and Houzz, searches for “cold plunge,” “indoor sauna,” “home spa,” and “steam showers,” have all surged in the last year.

Additionally, a 53% increase in searches for bathroom remodels indicates a desire to transform home bathrooms into personal retreats. Updating your bathroom doesn’t have to be a big, expensive project. Yelp trend expert Tara Lewis suggests starting with small, simple changes with the help of a handyman to revitalize your bathroom, like installing a new shower head, modern fixtures, or faucets.

Karyn Millet

Relax with Organic Modern Design

Jump on the organic modern design trend to turn your home into an oasis of calm. This style balances the sleek lines and crisp angles associated with modern design with warm, neutral tones, textures, and soft silhouettes inspired by nature. “We are still very much in an organic modern moment, where we focus on blending indoors with outdoors to create an effortless lifestyle,” says Gabriela Eisenhart, founder and interior designer at Silo Studios.

Searches on Houzz for “organic modern bedroom” have jumped nearly 3 times since last year, suggesting homeowners are looking for a soft place to land at the end of a long day. “To infuse this trend in your home, layer natural stones, organic woods, and soft textured textiles like linen over a monochromatic neutral color palette, and bring the outdoors in with large potted plants and trees,” she says.

Opt for Moody Color Schemes

Homeowners are gaining courage when it comes to color this summer. Perhaps the longer days and bright summer sunshine are boosting their confidence, with Houzz searches for “moody living room” and “moody kitchen” more than doubling since last summer. Reports indicate designers on Houzz are using dark and moody colors to create homes that feel cozy and intimate, or bold and dramatic. Think color drenching with inky blues and nourishing greens or adding a dash of darkness as a feature wall. Homeowners are also taking to the fifth wall, with searches on Houzz for “dark ceiling” reaching new heights.

Robert Peterson

Create a Cozy Reading Room

Looking for somewhere where you can escape to dive into your summer reading list uninterrupted? The viral dark academia aesthetic, dedicated to higher education, the arts, and literature, is rising in the home, with searches on Houzz up 219% since last year. Searches for the British-style “snug” also doubled, with homeowners looking for a cozy, quiet area dedicated to reading and writing. Where space doesn’t permit a whole room devoted to the cause, you could make the most of an awkward alcove by turning it into a book nook or reading corner or designate an empty wall to become a library wall instead. 

Plan for Alfresco Dining

There’s nothing like dining al fresco to embrace the long, warm summer evenings. So, it’s unsurprising that people want to infuse indoor comfort into exterior dining spaces. “This involves employing comfortable outdoor fabrics and lighting to create a more intimate dining experience,” Eisenhart says. “Covered pergolas are the perfect place for statement lighting, and outdoor rugs are a must. We also love using patterned cement tiles in outdoor spaces, as they are a great way to infuse personality and color.”

According to Pinterest, people are taking their dinner soirés a step further this year, with searches for “themed dinner party” up 44%. According to Pinterest’s Summer Trend Report, searches for “dinner party” have increased by over 6000%, with Greek, Chinese, Coastal, and Vintage themes reigning supreme.

Matthew Williams

Decorate with Dopamine

Trending searches on Pinterest suggest summer 2024 is about inducing joy, motivation, and drive. Searches for “dopamine decor” are up 280% as people look for ways to inject a sense of fun into their homes, boosting their mood by using decor to reflect their personalities. Departing from the concept of minimalism, the dopamine home decor trend is about going all out. Expect to see eclectic spaces brimming with color and character that inspire you to celebrate your individuality and eccentricities. Experiment with bold patterns, unexpected combinations, and decor that encourages you to pursue your wildest dreams.

Take Inspiration from Japanese Influence

With another design aesthetic rooted in simplicity and harmony on the rise, we can’t help but conclude that people are prioritizing functionality and tranquility in their homes and looking for ways to unwind and connect with nature. Searches for Japanese design, with its modest, minimalist aesthetic and focus on clean lines and natural elements, have experienced notable increases in searches on Houzz related to kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms, according to the 2024 Houzz U.S. Emerging Summer Trends Report. Searches for “Japandi living room,” a term related to a hybrid design style that merges Japanese minimalism with Scandinavian functionality, are up 48% since last year. Search interest for “wabi-sabi” and “zen garden” jumped as well, so you can keep the zen energy flowing inside and out this summer.


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