The top 5 no-contract home security companies of 2024

Smiling couple lying on couch at home sharing tablet
Smiling couple lying on couch at home sharing tablet.

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Home security solutions that offer round-the-clock customer service can be great, but sometimes a long-term contract can be frustrating. Wouldn’t it be easier to outfit your home with the latest home security system without worrying about fees? The good news is that there are plenty of home security services, like SimpliSafe, that don’t require you to sign your life away for quality home protection.

Some home security companies offer no-contract home security solutions that still give you full access to important devices like window sensors and security cameras, as well as self-monitoring services. Most also provide a connection to pro monitoring services as well, so you can rest assured that authorities will be alerted should your home security system be breached. 

Best no-contract home security systems in 2024

Find both DIY home security and professionally installed options below from trusted names in the world of home security.

Avoid getting saddled with a long-term contract by finding a home security company you can trust — no strings attached.

Top pick with no monthly fees: SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe logo


“This DIY system offers hassle-free installation and intuitive operation,” says real estate expert David Tully. 

“Its user-friendly approach earned it a commendable review score of 8.5 out of 10 [from one top review site]. Unlike the feature-rich Ring Alarm Pro, SimpliSafe prioritizes straightforward security without extensive Wi-Fi and smart home integrations.”

A top, contract-free pick for more than one expert we spoke to about home security companies, SimpliSafe offers reliable equipment that’s super easy to install. SimpliSafe is actually on its third generation of equipment — so you can expect nothing but the highest quality with wireless devices such as keypads, entry sensors, smoke detectors and indoor cameras.

Prices typically start at $229 for SimpliSafe starter kits, but shoppers can save 50% right now with prices starting at $213 (or $9 per month) thanks to SimpliSafe’s Memorial Day sale event. 

These kits come with everything you need to secure your home on your own terms. A SimpliSafe base station comes with every kit and can connect with your other devices (up to 41 to be exact).

For $25 per month, you can also integrate Google Assistant and Alexa to your system.


  • Several no-contract home security monitoring options, including a free plan that comes with smartphone alerts (and no monthly fees).
  • Customizable security packages mean you’re only paying for what you need.


  • Live monitoring services are a bit steep, especially if you want professional monitoring services (starting at $28 per month).
  • SimpliSafe doorbell requires a monthly subscription for cloud storage (starting at $4.99 per month).
  • Limited smart home compatibility depending on your chosen plan.

Most features and options: Vivint

Vivint logo


If you have your heart set on professionally installed security, good news: Vivint is one of a few companies that offer professional installation without a contract. The one hitch is that you’ll need to pay for equipment up front, so be ready to pay upwards of $600 for Vivint’s no-contract options.

This can be worth it, though. Vivint is a leading force in home security that offers “professionally installed systems with advanced features, a user-friendly interface, and a strong focus on customer satisfaction” according to Toney Greer, security expert and CEO of The Royal Society of the United States.

Vivint security products are developed in house, unlike other DIY security companies that sell proprietary devices. This makes Vivint a good pick if you’re looking for a few more security features from your home security system.

Vivint equipment comes with features such as live video feeds and a user-friendly mobile app that lets you keep track of goings on wherever you are. There is also a two-way talk capability so you can greet visitors in real time.


  • One of the best home security cameras out there, in our opinion. 
  • Smart home connectivity options.
  • The option to receive professional installation services without a multiyear contract.


  • Steep prices can be a turn-off for customers without the budget to pay for the equipment upfront or handle monthly monitoring charges that can range from $20 to $70 depending on the devices you purchase.
  • Smart home integration and live monitoring services with video require more expensive plans ($40 and $45 per month, respectively).

Most affordable: Scout Alarm

Scout Alarm logo


If you want a DIY option without a ton of fees or expenses, Scout Alarm is the home security solution for you. Scout sells customizable home security systems that start at about $229. 

The gadgets require self-installation, unlike with ADT or Vivint. You can purchase motion sensors, cameras, water sensors and more when selecting equipment to build the security system you need. 

Customers get a smart home hub that notifies computers or smartphones, should any trouble occur. You can even auto-alert people you trust when you’re out of reach through the mobile app. 

You could also opt for professional monitoring, wherein the system stays up and running — even if the internet goes out. No annual contract is necessary, but you still have to pay (even for self-monitoring) a minimum of $10 per month. You can call or email for tech support.


  • Scout offers leak sensors and glass break sensors for added peace of mind.
  • Budget-friendly price points for devices and bundles make it easy to get the home setup you want without paying an arm and a leg.


  • No free self-monitoring options.
  • No dedicated outdoor camera makes Scout Alarm best for those who are satisfied with indoor monitoring services.

Best contract-free monitoring: Cove

Cove logo


Cove stands at the helm of DIY home security solutions thanks to affordable monitoring services. The golden secret here is that Cove uses cellular signals to transmit alerts, which are generally faster and more reliable than other means.

Cove is also a great pick for the undecided homeowner. Before you choose your equipment, build your own home system, and opt into one of two monitoring plans ($18 for basic or $28 for plus which comes with perks like smartphone control and a lifetime equipment warranty) — you take an online quiz.

This quick little survey helps to pair you with the devices and services you need, but it can also help you clarify what you’re looking for in a home security company. Questions cover everything from what type of home you’re protecting to how many outside doors you have.

Cove’s current Memorial Day sale event offers shoppers 70% off select equipment prices, plus a free HD camera (with any new system).


  • With the exception of the Cove touchscreen panel ($212) and camera ($80), all devices are under $30 each.
  • Cove plus service, which only costs $28 per month, comes with added perks: home automation and monitoring services with video functionality.
  • No high-pressure salespeople or aggressive sales tactics to deal with.


  • Limited selection of devices such as sensors and other detection equipment. 
  • No self-monitoring option.

Best smart home integration: Abode

Abode logo


Similar to SimpliSafe, Abode offers a straightforward DIY experience that comes with optional professional monitoring services — and no contracts. 

If you don’t want to pay extra for a basic self-monitoring setup, you don’t have to: Abode only charges for professional monitoring services or added features like additional storage (at $8 per month). 

You have a choice between the security hub ($160, a 43% markdown) and iota tower ($280, a 26% markdown) when building your home system. Both monitor connected sensors over Wi-Fi and are a breeze to install — just plug them into an outlet and you’re set, no wall mounting required.

If you already have a system in place with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple HomeKit, you can easily integrate these systems through Abode. Each hub device also works with devices from brands such as Nest, Philips Hue, and more.


  • Impressive options for smart home integration — bring together virtual assistants like Alexa and other device brands like Yale.
  • Compatibility with Z-Wave tech and Zigbee networks, which is hard to find among no-contract home security companies.
  • Android Abode app is popular among customers for its user-friendly and thorough functionality.


  • No professional installation options available. 

How to choose the best no-contract home security system

“No two homes are alike, which is why it’s important to invest in customizable security options that will tailor perfectly to your home and needs,” says realtor, investor, and CEO of Eazy House Sale Isabella Griffin. 

“Home security experts suggest features like remote control or mobile app access, so you can adjust settings and control the system from any location. That way, you won’t have to worry about leaving your home unprotected, even when away on vacation or business trips.”

You may think your options are limited when it comes to no-contract home security services, but plenty of security companies still offer the features you need to keep your home secure and your family safe. Look for specific devices, such as window sensors and cameras for threat detection, when purchasing equipment individually. 

You also often have a choice between self-monitoring or professionally covered monitoring services — these don’t necessarily come with contracts (especially if you side with one of our chosen security companies above), but may come with additional monthly charges. 

How we picked the best no-contract home security companies

There are a few key details to look out for while comparing and reviewing home security companies. For a closer look at how we review products and services, here’s what we prioritized while ranking the best no-contract home security companies of 2024:

  • Customer reviews: We combed through verified customer reviews — in other words, real homeowners and buyers like you — to ensure they were consistently pleased with these companies and their services. 
  • Types of systems: We looked for self-monitoring systems that were reliable and worth investment, as well as any company offering access to pro monitoring services without a contract.
  • Equipment prices: Since no contract typically means paying for equipment out of pocket, we considered the most budget-friendly security companies — or at least the ones that were worth every cent when higher than average prices were on the table.
  • Your needs: We picked home security companies for a variety of budgets and needs, such as DIY versus professionally installed options.


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