The 5 Best Memorial Day Smart Home Deals I Am Most Excited About


If you’ve been looking to buy smart lights, a robot vacuum, smart plugs or another fancy new gadget for your home, now could be the time to pull the trigger. Memorial Day weekend sales are a great time to purchase smart gadgets for your home, mostly because of the killer deals available at Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and other retailers. These deals won’t last forever (or even through the weekend), so act quickly or check back later to discover the best new home deals we’ve found for you.

Best overall Memorial Day smart home sales

  • Amazon: Roborock S8 Plus robot vacuum is $240 off
  • Amazon: Echo Show 8 (3rd gen, 2023) for $95 is $55 off
  • Walmart: 2nd-gen Google Nest Hub at $60 is a steal
  • Amazon: Save 40% on a four-pack of Kasa Matter smart plugs
  • Walmart: Linkind Matter Wi-Fi color-changing LED light bulbs are $43 off

Memorial Day sales on smart home devices


Roborock has been making some of the best robot vacuum cleaners for a few years now, and the S8 Plus robot vacuum and mop combo is a big-time winner. The self-emptying charge base keeps your hands free of the dust and debris the robot picks up around the house. When it’s time to mop, the Sonic Mop will scrub your floors 3,000 times per minute. Thanks to the intelligent 3D mapping and obstacle-avoidance system, the Roborock S8 Plus will get your floors clean without an issue.

In order to claim the savings on the S8 Plus deal, you’ll need to claim the Amazon coupon for $240 off that is positioned right below the listed price of $1,000.


One of the best pieces of a smart home is a smart speaker. While there are plenty of excellent smart speakers, I much prefer a smart display when possible — and the Echo Show 8 (3rd gen) is a fantastic option. Being able to get visual feedback for answers to questions, see the weather, shopping lists, and more is great. Not to mention watching videos. The current model, which is on sale here, gets upgraded audio and faster processing. For $55 off, you really can’t go wrong here.

Google Nest/CNET

Google’s second-generation Nest Hub is a great way to add a lot of smarts to your home, and this deal makes it easier. From acting as a digital photo frame to playing your favorite music, tracking sleep and even controlling other smart home devices, this smart display can do it all.

Read our Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) review.


Smart plugs are a fantastic and easy way to add some smarts to less-than-intelligent appliances. With a smart plug, you can automate your favorite old lamp and control it without using the physical switch. Kasa is one of my favorite smart plugs for many reasons, such as reliability, energy monitoring and ease of use. This four-pack of plugs is also Matter-ready, so you’ll be a little more future-proof than with other devices.


Aside from smart plugs, smart lights are another easy way to add more control over your home’s lighting. These Matter-enabled light bulbs offer a full range of colors and multiple ways to connect and control your lights. For only $5 a bulb, this is an excellent deal if you want to add a few throughout your home.

Other Memorial Day smart home sales:

Should I buy smart home devices on Memorial Day?

Of course! But only if you are in the market to start your smart home journey or want to add some pieces to your current setup. As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of great smart home devices on the market, but not all are “cheap,” so when you get a chance to save money on something you’re looking for, do it!

Where are the best Memorial Day smart home sales?

Your best bets are likely to be Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart. But keep an eye out for deals at other retailers like B&H, Target, Costco and others. Be vigilant when considering a deal, and research what a product usually sells for to make sure you’re actually getting a bargain.

What else is on sale for Memorial Day?

This upcoming Memorial Day weekend is going to have tons of deals coming for all sorts of things. You’ll be able to find sales on things like appliances, furniture and more. Here is a roundup of all the best Memorial Day deals happening right now.


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