Smart Home Devices to Enhance Festive Hosting


The Christmas season is a well-known source of stress, especially when it comes to hosting gatherings. But these days, no one is expected to do all the heavy lifting. With the help of technology, the burden of hosting is considerably lightened.

Various smart devices are available to simplify Christmas party-giving, from doorbells that can welcome your guests with a festive chime to gadgets that can ensure safety and prevent any holiday mishaps.

So, if you’re in search of top-notch gadgets to make your Christmas hosting more manageable, let’s dive in.


Tapo Smart Plug



Love lighting up your place for the festive season? Then elevate your festive decor with Tapo’s smart plug, designed to effortlessly manage your lighting setup. Schedule on and off times for lamps, appliances, and even your twinkling Christmas lights.

Turning these festive accessories into smart products leaves you free to concentrate on hosting without the worry of subsequent electricity bills.

Controlled seamlessly through the Tapo app, this smart plug offers the flexibility to manage it remotely or via voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant. Set precise schedules for lights and appliances, ensuring your Christmas tree and decorations illuminate precisely when needed, all while optimising energy usage.

And, if you’re away for the festive season, you can use Tapo smart plugs to make it look like you’re home, helping to keep you safe this Christmas.


Hive Thermostat Mini



If you’re gearing up to host this Christmas, concerns about heating bills might be looming large. How can ensure a warm and welcoming home without breaking the budget? A smart thermostat may be the answer you’ve been seeking.

The latest model of the Hive Thermostat, the Thermostat Mini, is a compact and cost-efficient design, making it an ideal and budget-friendly festive addition.

The Thermostat Mini is an excellent smart addition to any Christmas party setup. With it, you can schedule heating with timers, boost the heating automatically when the weather turns chilly, and even enjoy its built-in Frost Protection which ensures the heat comes on if the temperature drops below 7C.

Manage the Thermostat Mini effortlessly through the app or use voice controls, compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri.

Costing just £59, this gadget can put your mind at rest over the festive season, creating an affordable multi-zone heating system to keep everyone cosy this Christmas.


Nest Protect



While the joy of hosting Christmas is undeniable, it comes with its share of challenges. According to Multivu, festive hazards are commonplace and affect thousands of people globally every year. To keep your guests safe, you may want to consider getting a little help from smart tech to avoid any festive disasters.

The Nest Protect smoke alarm offers a comprehensive solution by integrating smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide alarms into one device. Its innovative smoke detector tests its batteries and sensors over 400 times a day to ensure accuracy. Additionally, it controls the lights in your home so that when your guests move from one room to another it automatically lights your way.

Equipped with a 10-year carbon monoxide sensor, Nest Protect ensures a long-term commitment to your safety, providing peace of mind for many Christmases to come.



Amazon Echo



Any stellar Christmas party needs the tunes to accompany it. So, if you want to elevate your hosting game this year and get everyone in the festive mood, it may be worth investing in the Amazon Echo – something that can be enjoyed all year round.

Using the Alexa voice assistant, you can turn music on and off and control the volume all with simple commands, ensuring classics like “Last Christmas” and “All I Want for Christmas” resound loud and clear throughout your festive celebrations.


Ring Doorbell



Want to welcome your guests with a festive hello? The Ring doorbell can be an entertaining addition to your home this Christmas.

Not only can it give your guests an enjoyable entrance with a ‘Chimetone’, but, what with all the extra parcels you can expect over Christmas, the Ring doorbell can help you handle the increased festive traffic your doormat will experience.


U-Bolt Pro Lock



Hosting Christmas can certainly be an exciting endeavour, but with the constant flow of guests and family members going in and out of the house, the door can become an occupational hazard. Not only can an open door be a safety concern, but it can also let an unwelcome draft into your festive doo.

With a biometric fingerprint scanner and keypad, the U-Bolt Pro is an excellent choice for anyone wanting to smarten up and keep their home extra safe this Christmas. The lock can even connect to your phone with Alexa or Google Assistant, meaning you can lock and unlock your home from anywhere, especially beneficial during the hustle and bustle of Christmas errands.

Equipped with a sensor, the U-Bolt Pro keeps you informed about the status of your door, ensuring you have peace of mind throughout the festive season, knowing whether it’s open or securely closed.



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