Scotland’s Home of the Year’s Danny Campbell on Christmas decor tips


But this year’s top décor trends may actually help you save a bit of money this festive season. 

Architect Danny Campbell, presenter on BBC’s Scotland’s Home of the Year, says foraging and making your own Christmas décor is one way to beat rising costs while also staying on trend. 

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“What I find is people are actually investing so much more time on being creative through foraging, whether that’s through charity shops or actually real foraging for foliage and plants and all that sort of stuff,” he says.  

“It ties into the main aesthetic which was really popular last year and is really popular again this year which is all about nature, natural and warm tones.  

“The  big tack craze of tinsel, shine and colours is really being shunned by a lot of people who want Instagrammable homes and they’re putting a lot of research into what plants are seasonal and doing a lot of upcycling as well for slightly more traditional elements. 

“The days of going to a big supermarket and filling your trolley with loads of decorations has had its time.”

Glasgow Times:

Danny says the popularity of homemade and sustainable décor has also increased as people gather tips and ideas from social media.  

He explained: “A lot of people are making their own stuff, there’s so many TikTok videos showing how to make a wreath or how to make a table setting.  

“People are really investing the time and taking interest in these kinds of things so I would say foraging with upskilling your Christmas décor repertoire is what makes a difference right now.”

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Being creative is also a great way for families to spend time together over the festive season, with people able to go out on walks and forage together before making items at home. 

“For a lot of natural stuff, you can go on a winter walk with your partners and kids, find something and take it home,” Danny explains. 

“You don’t need to have big elaborate dining decorations; it could be a big branch that’s intertwined with ivy and some holly and a couple of candles, and it brings that warmth from outside inside.  

“And afterwards you can dispose of it in your garden.”

Glasgow Times:

He added: “I’ve got three little boys and Christmas for me is an absolute theme park but I get them to help with decorations or we probably all have fond memories of being kids at school and bringing something home.  

“There’s a real loveliness about a little bit of scruffiness mixed in with some foraging and you can create something that’s really entwined with the magic of the season.”

Danny’s top festive DIY tips 

1. Nature-inspired garlands 

Foraged garlands are the latest trend for festive décor. Crafting your own is a mindful way to bring nature indoors, and it’s a great way to get friends and family together in the spirit of Christmas.  

2. Upcycled toy centrepieces 

Rediscover the charm in old toys by transforming them into unique table centrepieces. A coat of gold spray paint can breathe new life into forgotten items. This DIY project not only repurposes belongings but also adds a personal touch to your table setting.  

3. Window canvas 

A fund and festive activity for both kids and adults is to draw festive designs on windows using white wipe-off pens. This interactive art display brings joy and expression into your space without the need for specialised materials or extravagant expense. And the best part, it’s no mess! 

4. Citrus-crafted décor elements 

Infuse a subtle and natural fragrance with citrus ornaments. Use star or Christmas tree cake cutters on orange peel and string them together to add a simple yet earthy touch to your festive décor.  

5. Soft glow of paper houses 

Create a peaceful atmosphere with paper houses with fairy lights inside for your windowsills. This DIY project is a gentle and fun way to add warmth to your space. The soft glow from the fairy lights provides a comforting festive feel, making it a simple yet effective addition to your space. 


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