Most Popular Home Decor Styles In Nevada In 2024


Thanks to media and celebrity influences, are home decor styles change almost as often as our fashion does. But there are a couple of popular interior design looks in Nevada that are fabulously off the beaten path.

Nevada is full of unique people from all walks of life. But when it comes to our home decor styles in the Silver State, most of us are right on trend. The rest of us? Well, we’re proudly representing what makes us our own kind of trendsetters.

When it comes to home decor styles, people tend to want to show their individuality. Our home is where we spend most of our time. So it makes sense we want our space to reflect who we are. But at the same time we want to express our individuality in our home decor styles, we’re still human. Which means we are often swayed by what’s trendy and popular.

The Most Popular Home Decor Styles In Nevada In 2024

Nevada is no exception when it comes to jumping on the trendy bandwagon. The most popular of the home decor styles is the same here as in most other states right now. However, the home design choices of those who haven’t been swayed by what’s popular show just how unique some of our Nevada residents are.

Of all the home decor styles, you have to appreciate the Boho style the most. Where else can you hang a hammock in your living room? The vibrant colors, mismatched patterns, and natural materials on the lamp are also dead giveaways.

    The most popular of home decor styles in Nevada right now is Bohemian. Also called Boho or Boho Chic. The style is characterized by an eclectic collection of pieces that really don’t fit into one box. They can be from different eras, different countries and different cultures.

    Architectural Digest says the various Boho home decor styles embody a “playful, free-spirited” look. I like to say it’s the style of those who can’t make up their mind on what style they like. Bohemian, like it’s kissing cousin the “eclectic” style, gives you a little bit of everything. It’s like the Vegas buffet for home design. The great thing is there aren’t many rules you have to go by. Grab some vibrant colors, rich textures, and a rattan wall tapestry and you’re off!

    Of all the home decor styles in the country, Boho is the most popular universally right now as well. According to research done by Palm Paradise Realty Group, 44 states in the country choose Boho has their favorite of the home decor styles. Which is kind of cool because the unique nature of the style means we can all adopt it but still no two homes will be the same. According to the research, Nevadans turn to google 576 times a month to get tips on how to decorate in the Boho Chic style.

    Other Home Decor Styles In Nevada’s Top 5

    This is where Nevada really shows off her individuality. While popular home decor styles like Boho and Farmhouse (which was the fifth most popular style in Nevada in this study) are represented in the Silver State. It’s the other styles in our top five that are the real attention-grabbers.

    Steampunk is the second most-popular home decor style in our state. According to the study analysts, Nevadans have a monthly average of 458 searches for Steampunk interior design tips. Steampunk home decor style is a lot of fun, and a perfect example of opposites attracting. Think of it like Industrial meets Victorian. Leathers and velvets mixed with metallics. A little bit of this style goes a long way.

    Check out what these design experts did to makeover a small room in the Steampunk style.

    The third most-popular home style in Nevada, per this study, is Grunge. With 361 searches per month from Nevada residents. Just like it sounds, the Grunge interior design style was inspired by the alternative music scene from the late 1990’s. No, that doesn’t mean a bunch of DIY flannel throw pillows and pictures of Nirvana on the wall. Although there are plaids and muted tones in the fabrics as well as vinyl records often used as decor, the style encompasses not just the look, but the feel of the Grunge era. It’s raw, relaxed and authentic. Think gritty and slightly distressed, but at the same time totally cozy and comfortable.

    Grunge interior design is one of the coolest of the home decor styles. Mostly because it’s effortless. It incorporates reclaimed wood with concrete and earthy tones with urban industrial lighting. Some go even more true to the style by incorporating music posters, record players and guitars as wall decor.

    Of all the home decor styles, Grunge is one of the more versatile. Since the gray tones match almost everything. Just don’t put anything pink or puffy on the couch.

    Y2K. We’ve all heard this phrase before but few of us knew it was actually a home decor style. It’s actually just recently seen a resurgence in popularity. And, according to Architectural Digest, we can thank celebrities on TikTok for it. The style is defined as tech-inspired with a touch of nostalgia. According to the data analysts at Palm Paradise Realty Group, Y2K is the fourth most-popular home decor style in Nevada with 312 monthly searches.

    At the turn of the century, we were all very excited by all things high-tech, and this style reflects that. With plastics and glass, modern features and metallic finishes like chrome. But the style also gives space for fun and whimsy. Which is why you’ll often see unique, curvy shapes in furniture and bright colors like lime and hot pink in the style.

    Y2K is one of those home decor styles you can really have a lot of fun with. It incorporates the modern look of sleek metals with bright colors and unique furniture like beanbag chairs and inflatable sofas.

    Farmhouse style was huge a few years back. Now it’s the Bohemian look that’s taken over most living rooms in America. But there are those off-the-path styles that Nevada residents are also using that are unique, whimsical and bold.

    It might be safe to assume that these more bold home decor styles are coming from the homes of our more artistic Nevadans. The Cirque acrobats and musicians on the Vegas Strip. People who thrive on aesthetic uniqueness and creative expression. Just for fun, though, let’s assume it’s our lawyers, law enforcement and politicians who throw off the suits and uniforms at the end of the day to sink into their steampunk sofas and beanbag chairs. You never know. Vegas is always full of surprises.

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