Innovative Product ‘theCamCover’ Makes Home Security Shabbat-Friendly


Noam Nissel, a rising senior at Northeastern University from West Orange is a natural born innovator, so when he noticed his neighbor attaching a makeshift contraption to cover a Ring Doorbell for Shabbat, it sparked his curiosity. What he learned was that the Ring Doorbell, a popular home security device equipped with a motion sensor that activates its video camera whenever someone approaches the door, can potentially lead to melacha on Shabbat and therefore some say it needs to be concealed. After further research, Nissel discovered that many observant Jews throughout the community were also using makeshift covers for their Ring Doorbells, so he set out to develop a temporary cover that renders them Shabbat-friendly.

Nissel spoke with various rabbonim in communities across New Jersey, and many concurred that the camera should be covered for Shabbat and Yom Tovim. Drawing upon his creativity and his engineering skills, he invented theCamCover, a gadget specifically designed for Ring Doorbells. The product serves a dual purpose, explained Nissel. It conceals the camera lens, ensuring that it remains inactive during Shabbat, while also providing a visual indication to visitors that the device is temporarily disabled.

Rabbi Marc Spivak, rabbi of Congregation Ohr Torah of West Orange, who happens to live across the street from Nissel, was one of his first clients. “With the kids and guests coming in and out of the house on Shabbat, theCamCover provides me a sense of comfort knowing that the motion sensor camera is covered,” Rabbi Spivak said.

Crafted from durable materials, theCamCover’s design is simple yet effective and easily attaches to the existing Ring Doorbell unit. Nissel said there are two types of covers currently available, a flip-up version that remains attached to the doorbell that you simply turn down for Shabbat, or a removable cover that you can take on and off as needed. Either option allows homeowners to effortlessly transition between Shabbat observance and regular usage.

“I like to think of this product not only as a solution to a potential halachic issue, but also as an upgrade to your home,” said Nissel, who thinks theCamCover aesthetically elevates the Ring Doorbell. The cover comes in black or gray with an embossed Magen David. Customers also have the option to personalize the cover with a family name or customization of their choice.

Nissel has always enjoyed the challenge of creating. As a Sabbath observer, he appreciates theCamCover on a personal level. “I love the idea that we can live in today’s modern society, enjoying the benefits of technology without compromising our religious values,” he said.

The young inventor will be donating 10% of sales to the Michael Levin Base for Lone Soldiers in Israel. Nissel’s mother and grandfather served in the IDF, and as a Jew living in the United States he feels especially committed to supporting lone soldiers who are defending the land of Israel on our behalf.

For me, what sets Noam Nissel apart is not only his remarkable mechanical expertise, but that he also happens to be my nephew. As he launches theCamCover company, I am confident that this is only the beginning of many unique innovations he is destined to be part of as he embarks on his journey into the world of architectural engineering.

TheCamCover is available online and at the Lubavitch Center Judaica in West Orange. For more information visit or email
[email protected].


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