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Glass has been around for centuries now, yet it is one of the most trendy go-to options even in our time and age. The transparent nature of glass fosters an illusion of spaciousness, making rooms appear brighter and more inviting. To achieve a stylish revamp, consider glass accent pieces that complement your existing decor. From minimalist to intricate designs, glass decor adds a touch of sophistication.

Play around with the ageless and timeless glass to make your home decor effortless! Here are 8 decor ideas shared by Mr. Anand Santhanam, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Saint-Gobain that you can implement with glass to revamp your home like never before: 

1) Add colour with Glass Wall Panel

Wall Panels across your home could be clad with lacquered glass to impart a colourful and aesthetic appearance. The glass could be chosen in colours to mix and match the existing interior decor. 

2) Illusion effect with Mirrors 

Compact spaces will no longer be a constraint if you place mirrors strategically around the home. Because mirrors have the ability to make spaces appear larger than they actually are, you can play on this feature to your advantage. 

3) Designer Mirrors

Accent mirrors can exponentially elevate the look and feel of the home, bringing a classic, yet contemporary sensibility. They come in different shapes and sizes to add a quirky element to your home decor. 

4) Open up possibilities with Wardrobe Shutters

Glass wardrobe shutters in bedrooms help create a chic, clutter-free look. Complement the colours of the room with the shades of the glass shutters to nail a seamless and sophisticated ambience. 

5) Safety with Toughened Glass 

Glass is no more fragile. You would be surprised to know that it comes with the best of both beauty and safety in one master product – the toughened glass. Use toughened glass for staircases, railings and balustrades for that unmatched toughness your home deserves. 

6) Shutters & Splashbacks 

Messy kitchens will forever be a thing of the past, thanks to glass kitchen shutters & splashbacks. Not only are they easy to clean and maintain, they also add elegance and class to your contemporary kitchen. 

7) LED Mirrors

High-definition LED Mirrors can amplify the sharpness and clarity that you are looking for, in mirrors. In-built with technology that ensures smart features, they are the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. 

8) Cooling glass 

Solar-control glass is all you need to keep the interiors cool, even while ensuring that the exteriors remain stylish with abundant natural sunlight, cutting down the heat, keeping your interiors cooler.


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