From Get Ready with Me to POV, Martha Stewart Shares Her Take on Smart Living


Elevating your living experience goes beyond revamped floor plans, new furniture, and updated décor. While these touches can refresh the look and feel of your home, the real game-changer lies in embracing smart home innovations. Creating a smart home will not only transform your space into a sanctuary, but also boost productivity (because there’s never enough time in the day!), allowing you to reintroduce fun into your life.

Don’t believe us? Just ask Martha Stewart. As a known early adopter, the queen of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary loves to embrace innovation in all its forms. In fact, she considers innovation the secret ingredient behind her enduring home and hospitality success.

Unlocking Your Smart Home’s Potential

Earlier this year, Samsung had the opportunity to collaborate with Martha in Las Vegas at CES 2024. The focus of the collaboration? Samsung SmartThings – powered by AI.

SmartThings allows you to connect all your smart devices and manage your home with a single, easy-to-use app. And Martha demonstrated how connected tech and AI can level up our homes and redefine how we live, allowing us to focus on what truly matters – the fun stuff. Speaking of F-U-N, did you know that Samsung SmartThings users say that convenience and fun are the main reasons they started using SmartThings? 1

Picture this: Martha transported CES attendees to The Bedford, her Las Vegas restaurant, to make her famous Smashed Baked Potato. Using SmartThings, integrated with Samsung’s AI-enabled Family Hub+ Refrigerator, she checked if they had all the necessary ingredients using AI Vision Inside. Then, with SmartThings handling tasks like initiating a laundry cycle or adjusting the thermostat, she now had the luxury of time to make a Vegas-style “Marthatini.” Lastly, Martha effortlessly used the SmartThings app on her Galaxy Watch6 to set the perfect lighting for a glamorous atmosphere.

SmartThings Home

#GRWM: Getting Party Ready with Martha (and Her Furry Friends!)

Next, Martha graciously invited Samsung behind the scenes as she got ready for a party at her home in Bedford, New York. With the Samsung SmartThings app at her fingertips, Martha seamlessly multitasked from the hair and make-up chair before her guests arrived.

To ensure her home was pet-ready for the party, Martha checked in on her beloved black French Bulldog, Luna Moona. Thanks to SmartThings, Martha was able to livestream Luna’s activities in real-time using her Jet Bot AI+’s front camera, ensuring she was content. She then connected to her outdoor camera system through the app to see the status of her Sicilian miniature donkeys, Clive and Rufus, as they roamed the farm. Click here to have a look at her #GRWM video.

NEW – #POV: Figuring Out How to Do a Million SmartThings at Once

In her latest video, Martha shares her POV on how to do millions of SmartThings at once with Samsung. The way she sees it, smart home living really opens the door to countless opportunities to improve convenience, efficiency, and entertainment, like:

  • Tracking Home Energy Consumption: Martha is mindful about her energy use. She shows us how she keeps an eye on her home’s energy consumption using the SmartThings TV App, allowing her to manage usage and receive energy-saving tips and alerts.
    • Want to know how to save energy at home? Activate SmartThings Energy in the SmartThings App to check your home energy use from anywhere, identify the appliances that are energy hogs, and reduce your carbon footprint (and your energy bill!). Read more here.
  • Setting Up Home Automations: When Martha jump-starts her day, she wants to be able fully focus on the important things – and she does that by automating mundane tasks. With the touch of a button, she demonstrates how she initiates “Martha mode”2 on her SmartThings app, which, in her case, activates her blinds and turns on her Indie rock playlist.
  • Streamlining Food Shopping: Martha is just like us. No, really! She gets stumped on what to make for dinner from time to time. So, she occasionally leans on SmartThings Food to help her out. Not only does it have tons of unique recipes that suit various dietary preferences, but Martha is able to streamline her grocery shopping by sending ingredients straight to her shopping list for delivery.
    • Want to know how to create your own “smart” shopping list? The Shopping List with SmartThings Food3 allows you to hand-pick ingredients you need to buy for your next meal. Then, select a retailer, like Amazon Fresh or Instacart, and place the delivery order! Head here for more.

In the fast-paced world, remember this – It’s a Smart Thing! Embrace the future, simplify your life, and, most importantly, have a whole lot of fun doing it. Let’s raise a cocktail (perhaps the Marthatini!?) and cheers to the smart home revolution! Afterall, it’s not just about smart technology; it’s about smart living. To learn more about Samsung SmartThings, visit


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