Drew Barrymore Shares Her Favorite Etsy Home Decor Finds


Etsy is the place you go to for one-of-a-kind, often handmade goods you can’t find anywhere else. I’ve bought planters from France, ceramic vases, dried pampas grass, a space-saving desk from Latvia that took months to come but was ultimately worth it—the list goes on. This not-so secret spot to securing cool design pieces is beloved by online shoppers everywhere, including actor and entrepreneur Drew Barrymore. Yes, in a recent interview with Etsy and editors, Barrymore shared that Etsy’s her go-to destination for buying home decor.

“If I’m trying to find light fixtures, I go Etsy. When I want to find vintage floral towels, or old tablecloths and napkins, I go to Etsy,” she says, adding that she shops under an alias and has been a loyal customer for years. “I have these vintage Etsy floral towels, and every time [I use them], I am so happy. I feel like I’m in the ’50s or the ’70s living my best life and I can’t find any towels in the modern age that make me feel [like this].” The multihyphenate star revealed that she even saves all the personalized note cards from the vendors because she finds them meaningful. “It just feels like a gift in itself, that there’s a human and not a company or corporation [behind your purchase],” she says.

In addition to buying home goods for herself, Barrymore admits that she also loves to buy gifts for others via Etsy. Recently, she purchased personalized pencils for her two daughters, Olive and Frankie, with their nicknames on them. “The art of writing is so important…[the pencils] brought so much joy to me,” she says. Finding the right present for everyone will become an important part of Barrymore’s resume: Etsy recently announced that she will be the company’s first-ever “Chief Gifting Officer.” What does this entail? Helping everyone find the perfect gift, of course. The actor unveiled Etsy’s newest AI feature, Gift Mode: a search tool that lets shoppers easily find products to give their friends and family.

You can play around with the feature, but when it comes to shopping for home gifts specifically, you can follow Barrymore’s advice directly. She loves to buy art for others on Etsy. “You can find really fabulous pieces for $5 to $20 [on the website]. Art is not usually something we think to give people because it’s so personal, but so much of the art I have has been gifted,” she says. If you’re stumped on ideas, we suggest thinking about their hobbies, passions, or even design aesthetic and gift a print that follows that theme. For those who want to buy art for their own homes, the star suggests doing a gallery wall curation, which she has in her own office, or simply add one special piece to an area of the home you want to zhuzh up.

Henri Matisse Print
HomePosterDecor Henri Matisse Print
Ginkgo Leaves Print
mailelani Ginkgo Leaves Print
Whimsical Pickles Art Print
SprocketandLloyd Whimsical Pickles Art Print
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