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For large homes or even two-bedroom apartments, smart thermostats for multiple zones are key to saving energy without turning some rooms into ovens or freezers. Most of the best smart thermostats can detect the temperature in the room where it’s installed, but bedrooms or other rooms with different insulation or windows are liable to differ significantly in temperature. That’s why you don’t want just any thermostat, but instead one like the ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium, which can pair with room sensors for total home awareness.

Below are all the multi-zone smart thermostats worth considering for your home. There’s even a model that works with AC-power systems like in-floor radiant heaters!

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Andrew Myrick is a senior editor at Android Central. In between figuring out ways to put retro emulators on everything, Andrew thoroughly enjoys exploring what’s possible with Android tablets. He’s constantly looking for new and different ways to use tablets, such as replacing his laptop or turning tablets into smart home dashboards.

At a glance

Best overall

ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium

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Best overall


Dimensions: 4.09 x 4.09 x 1.02-inches

Display: 4-inch full-color LCD

Touchscreens: ✔️

Service reminders: HVAC Maintenance, Air Filter, UV Bulb, Humidifier Pad, Other

Performance features: Humidity Control, AC Protection, Smart Alerts, Circulating Fan, Two-stage heating and cooling, Air Quality Monitor, Occupancy Radar, Proximity Radar, Pause when open

C-Wire required: Yes, adapter included

Reasons to buy


Acts as an Amazon Alexa or Siri device


Comes with a room sensor


Compatible with all popular smart home platforms


Large screen, with an improved interface


Advanced monitoring features

Reasons to avoid

More expensive

Doesn’t work as a smart display

Can’t change “Alexa” hot word


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